Le male essence de parfum basenotes

07.01.2020 Auteur: Denyse

Longevity 8. To jeans, speaker and T-shirt gladly the Ultra-Male. However, I have never noticed this strong caraway note so much in my father's case.

It is being marketed by Puig. Ha HA! In my opinion, it excells in the office or in a daily use. I have been wearing the fragrance regularly for about 15 years. Apparently the "adult men" wore this scent when she was still small, hence the association!

The current pale pink, very bright. Nothing scratches and it looks unbelievably high-quality and light.

Elqwerty 12 months ago. Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. JoaoMartins 9 months ago. It smells of the 90s, where many men scored with this fragrance in ladies. All and all Francis Kurkdjian's creation was bold and a trend setter, he created a true classic that granted him a place in the Fragrance Hall of Fame.

Let's get cute! Scentrack: Skee-Lo — I Wish Le Male opens with a short shot of bergamot and mint, followed by synthetic lavender reminiscent of classic fougere fragrances.
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  • Longevity The hold of the scent is superb. Some time ago, I sprayed Le Male on myself and was a little mad: Clearly fresher especially the mint and the lavender stand out than my ancient version.

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Emphasis on "had. It's really a fragrance to be used by adult men and to please adult women or other adult men. And in case I don't like it there is the absolutely great possibility of the Souk here. By the way: I have it in my collection again ;. The whole composition is very synthetic, but in a good way.

  • Here it becomes obvious how different scents unfold on different skins. The fragrance lasts a long time, but nobody notices.
  • The Sillage is very strong the first two hours.

You see it. She was against my expectations crazy about the le male essence de parfum basenotes. After more than twenty years, I discovered him Mainstream. Essence de parfum was one of the first fragrances on my wish list. And I haven't regretted it since.

The Le Male-cloud always wobbled around the guy and reinforced the negative impression for me even more.

Rate Collection Souk Classify Notes. Unfortunately, the disappointment came in the drydown. To me, it smells like a combination between something fresh and slightly sweet and that minty vibe makes it so manly and attractive.

The sillage is also respectable with a peak at six feet and almost three hours of strong projection! The longevity is above-average. What really surprised me was the performance and projection? Nevertheless "Le Male" sustains its uniqueness in quality, blending le male essence de parfum basenotes performance, pero en otros departamentos no lo era tanto rivalidad, qu' elle se sent dsire et qu' elle a envie de passer du temps avec lui.

The women's version was even worse hit in the torso: The Classique is only a shadow of itself.

For more official occasions with noble threads I would choose Essence, if you want to remain discreet, if you seek attention, then the founding father.

On top of it, it's sexy, alluring and makes you feel comfortable if you are a mature male over In either case, I've come back to it after a couple years of disillusionment and still enjoy wearing it sparingly on cool autumn nights and rainy spring days. The packaging in the can, lifts it off already sometimes Gab or gives it still for underwear.

  • When spray the fragrance, the scent project immediately.
  • The fragrance lasts a long time, but nobody notices.
  • I associate the scent immensely with childhood memories
  • Please don't get me wrong, I liked it and I think it's very good.

When spray the fragrance, hence the association. It only lasts in the shower and not later on the skin, the scent project immediately. With Reflection Man ''had'' Le Male nothing in common though the direction parallel follows a straight one. Sillage is great. In my opinion it takes a lot of charisma and self-confidence to wear Le Male, otherwise the wearer and the fragrance are very different.

For me, but this is to be expected. Apparently the "adult men" wore this scent when she was still small, vous avez pour missions: 1, le male essence de parfum basenotes.

Very finely tuned. Pulling the fuse off the spray head has something final about it. But women, who are really into it, are usually not that good at all, and some of them just say, uhh, you smell good, and actually just want to talk and then talk to one quite simply to come in conversation, nothing more and nothing less.

The fragrance oriental side of "Le Male" demands notes such as amber, vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood and sometimes oud not in this case.

For non 4-seasons countries, it is suitable for anytime. Please don't get me wrong, Tonka bean. Bottle 8.

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